Snow & Ice

UV Exposure

FlexClad™ is the flexible, weatherproof, economical, and easy-to-install protective solution for pipe and duct applications.

To protect your costly investment of your piping or ductwork system, and significantly extend its service life, specify FlexClad sealing system from MFM Building Products. 

FlexClad is a water and weather-resistant, pre-fabricated, self-adhering, sheet-type protective membrane. The top surface is UV-resistant embossed aluminum that reflects heat and can aid in reducing energy costs.

It is bonded to extremely tough, high-density polyethylene reinforcement material that is backed by a layer of aggressive, rubberized asphalt.

FlexClad is self-sealing around punctures, pins, screws, flanges and banding, These membranes resist water leaks and vapor transmission, reflects sunlight to reduce interior temperatures, and preserves the efficiency and integrity of thermal insulation.

FlexClad provides superior protection for most pipe or duct systems, plenums and storage tanks, while saving time, material, labor and utility costs.

So whether it’s a new project you’re tackling or seeking protection for an existing installation, count on MFM FlexClad to deliver outstanding performance for system projects you specify.

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