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FlexClad-400™ is a 45 mil, pre-fabricated self-adhering, sheet-type protective membrane. The outer layer is an embossed, UV-resistant aluminum weathering surface. Under the aluminum are multiple layers of tough, high-density cross-linked polymer film. Under the polymer film is a uniform layer of aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive which sticks directly to metal, insulation facers and most other clean, dry surfaces. The self-adhesive surface is protected by a disposable release liner.


  • Self-adhering for fast, easy installation

  • UV Stable - may be left exposed to the elements indefinitely

  • Ideal for exterior or interior applications

  • Exceeds 25/50 Flame/Smoke rating per ASTM E84

  • Resists vapor transmissions

  • Cross-laminated, durable construction

  • Self-sealing around fasteners

  • Conforms to odd shapes and hard-to-waterproof areas

  • Reduces energy costs and internal temperatures

  • 10-year warranty


Designed specifically to protect ductwork and sub-grade applications, FlexClad-400 can be applied over rigid board insulation, cold pipes, plenums, storage tanks, iron, copper, steel, PVC, CPVC and concrete. FlexClad can be used for piping systems, pipelines and other below grade structures.

The product weatherproofs, resists water leaks and vapor transmission, preserves the efficiency of thermal insulation and reflects sunlight to reduce interior temperatures. FlexClad-400 is designed for exterior, interior or sub-grade use, and it may be used in direct burial applications.



FlexClad is the ideal solution for your most difficult applications. Significantly less expensive then other jacketing systems, FlexClad offers a level of protection to exceed your expectations. Protect your investment with the one name most trusted in the industry - FlexClad™.


ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
FlexClad-400 Aluminum52FC3636” x 33.5’133 lbs
FlexClad-400 White52FW3636” x 33.5’133 lbs
FlexClad-400 Almond52FA3636” x 33.5’133 lbs

Slit sizes of FlexClad-400 are available. Please inquire with your sales rep or MFM Customer Service.